Funding and distribution for elite independent music artists.
Music catalog investment and professional distribution support designed for independent artists with established fanbases.
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Innovative Funding Solutions
We specialize in investing in your royalties, without claiming future releases or touring.
Value-Added Distribution
Distribute to 100+ digital stores and access detailed reporting.
What artists say
"Vol's support has helped me stay focused on creating and pushing my music further. We are very excited to continue building together!"
- Freshie
"Working with your team has been a blast! They’ve given me the opportunity and freedom I need to pursue music on my terms and with a great team behind me. Vol Records has gone above and beyond!"
- Jayn
Who Is Eligible for Vol Records Funding?
Focused on Artists with Proven Track Records
  • More than 500,000 paid streams per year
  • Established fanbase
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Funding-Related Questions
Can I apply for funding for a specific project or album?
Vol Records invests in already released music. You can apply for funding for just a specific release from your already released music or a selection of releases. We do not take any share of future releases, allowing you to use the funding to support your next project or any other needs you may have.
How does Vol Records structure their deals?
We specialize in investing in your existing royalties. We retain 100% of the royalties until we earn back our initial investment plus a fee. After that, we sometimes retain a minority residual percentage.
Is there a fixed time frame for earning back the initial investment?
There is no fixed time frame for earning back the initial investment. Our focus is on providing tailored solutions for your unique financial needs.
Do you offer any additional services like marketing or playlist support?
Currently, Vol Records is exclusively focused on funding. We do not offer marketing tools or playlist pitching at this time.
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